Physical Therapy Client:

“I had been experiencing consistent neck, upper back pain and stress for an extended period of time, before I finally accepted it wasn’t going to resolve itself without help. After a few disappointing appointments with a different physical therapy center, I decided to try Coastal Rehab, where I was fortunate to come under the care of Julia. Julia provided a consistent, progressive treatment plan that included two very simple exercises from the very beginning that provided immediate relief, and that I continue to rely on to stay flexible and comfortable. She also graciously agreed to let my husband join me during my last appointment, and taught him the manual techniques she used. She even wrote out instructions for future referral. Julia was successful at putting me immediately at ease, and besides providing treatment, educated me as to how to better take care of my posture. I always judge the quality of care I receive by the simple question I put to myself: Would I be willing to pay for this out of pocket? The answer for Julia was YES.


Physical and Occupational Therapy Client:

“This past winter I had the pleasure of working with two very skilled therapists at one of Coastal Rehab’s satellite clinics. My program was individualized, just challenging enough to reinforce the progress we made each week, without re-injuring myself. The OT and PT worked closely together to ensure no area of concern was neglected. I felt very comfortable with all the equipment and more importantly their support while using each piece. Balance balls and beams are not in my everyday experience or normal comfort level. Your facility was wonderful, private and professional. The therapists are truly fantastic. I was very blessed to have them help me recuperate so well.

My medical team at Beth-Israel Deaconess in Boston, marveled at how well I got my strength, endurance, and ability to resume my normal lifestyle back. It would not have happened without these two highly skilled therapists.”


Speech Therapy Client who completed LSVT LOUD program:

“It all started when I noticed I was developing a stutter. After having been in the LSVT program for a few weeks, my son called me and said that I sounded 10 years younger. We started with voice recordings and repeated the same exercises 4 or 5 weeks later. We went back and compared the recordings and I was very surprised by the remarkable improvement! The homework was challenging but I am still doing it every day. My therapists were very knowledgeable and provided lots of good feedback. Now after completing the program, I am very seldom asked to repeat something, I am a lot more confident on the phone & speaking with others when out in public. LSVT LOUD was significantly more advanced in comparison to other courses I’ve taken. Overall I was very pleased & I highly recommend it.”


Wife of Client who completed LSVT BIG and LOUD programs:

“I love it! My husband is so much better after going through the vocal and physical exercises. I can’t even tell you how much this has helped him! After going through the program- I had my husband back! LSVT LOUD and BIG are fantastic. Erin, our Occupational Therapist is amazing and I can’t thank her enough! I am telling everyone I know who has Parkinson’s or knows someone with Parkinson’s about this program”


Occupational Therapy Client who completed LSVT BIG program:

“LSVT Big was an excellent program. Michele, my OT, was excellent and extremely professional. She did a great job at explaining things in detail. The program got me started on an exercise program that I hadn’t been doing before.”


Wife of Physical and Occupational Therapy Client:

“My husband was wheelchair bound and could no longer get himself dressed or bathed. The OT set up the house so I could help him shower and dress. She got him a commode so he could go to the bathroom at night. Both OT and PT helped him get stronger and able to walk again. They were patient, encouraging and knew to motivate him when he needed it. They took him outside and his mental/emotional well-being improved along with his physical status. When he was strong enough to get in a car, he continued his PT at the Cape Elizabeth clinic. He always received one on one attention, which is crucial since his attention span is not what it used to be. If it had not been for Coastal’s therapists, my husband would not be where he is now!”


Cape Elizabeth Resident and Physical Therapy Client:

“I wanted to thank you for getting me patched up in time for me to run the B2B. It is hard to believe that four (4) weeks ago, I came hobbling into your office wondering if I was going to be able to be in the race. I had a great race and set a new PR (46:23). Julia is very good at what she does and I greatly appreciate her professional efforts to get me back on my feet and in the race. I think it is great COASTAL is located in our town.”