"Let us help you stay on track."


Private Maintenance Therapy in your home or at our clinics.

Private Maintenance Therapy in your home or at our clinics

Meeting your therapy goals is the first challenge, maintaining a life-long commitment to exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the next step to your well-being.

Coastal Rehab recognizes most people need encouragement and a structured program to help keep them healthy. For many, there is a fear of re-injury, difficulty with recalling their exercises, or inability to start exercise altogether without someone there for support.

At Coastal Rehab, our dedication to your health and well-being does not end when your therapy ends. Our skilled therapists want to help you maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve during your therapy treatment.

We can help you stay on track.

Private Maintenance Therapy is designed for:

  • Individuals who no longer qualify for skilled therapy covered by insurance as they have met their goals or have reached a plateau.
  • Familiy members who are unable to carry out the prescribed exercise program.
  • Individuals who want to progress to the next step of physical or functional ability but need assistance to proceed.
  • Individuals who are interested in physical activities but are unsure how to start and what is best for them.

Our skilled therapists will work with you our your loved one in a one-on-one setting of your choice: home, community gym, or therapy clinic. Your sessions will be under direction and supervision of our licensed therapists and tailored to fit your needs.

Length and frequency of treatment based upon your choice.

Competitive and affordable rates.