"Let us help you be better understood."


Accent Modification - Speak with confidence!

Accent Modification - Speak with confidence!

At Coastal Rehab, we recognize everyone has an accent. Whether regional or international, accents represent your diverse background. It can also make communication challenging. Let us help you get your message across!

Coastal Rehab is offering a 7 week program that will help you progress beyond the basics of language. You've learned how English sounds are supposed to function, now let's put these foundations of language into practice.

This course targets the practical use of sounds while integrating them into the rhythm of American English.

Accent modification is designed for those who experience communication breakdowns, self consciousness and/or frustration.

Let us help you be better understood.

You've done the hard part, learning a completely new language. Let us help you take the next step. Many second language speakers find difficulty communicating in various environments including work, community and in public settings.

The program is tailored to individual needs and designed to:

  • Improve communication with native speakers
  • Enhance awareness of rhythm and flow in English
  • Comprehend subtle messages
  • Increase confidence

Our skilled speech-language pathologists will work with you in a one-on-one setting of your choice: home, clinic, work or community.

Competitive and affordable rates.