How do you know if you could benefit from seeing a therapist?

You may need our services if…

  • you’ve had a recent change in your cognitive or physical function.
  • it has become difficult to bathe, dress or toilet yourself.
  • you’re having trouble feeding yourself or performing grooming activities.
  • you’re having trouble swallowing (initiation, coughing, diet modification, drooling).
  • it has become difficult for you to communicate or you have noticed a change in voice quality.
  • you’ve fallen, are afraid of falling or feel unsteady when walking.
  • you feel weak or tired because of a recent or chronic illness.
  • you’re learning to use a walker or other adaptive equipment.
  • you have joint or muscle pain.
  • you struggle to get out of bed or stand from a chair.
  • you’d like to participate in an exercise program.
  • you’d like to improve strength or prevent future decline.

If you feel like you or a loved one can benefit from therapy services, please contact your physician or call us at 207.767.9773